Buying a puppy online- Shih Tzu Puppies for sale

When looking to adopt or buying a shih tzu puppy, looking at shih tzu puppies for sale  it can be very overwhelming. Most people now days look online to see photos of shih tzu puppies, find shih tzu information and  possibly to find a shih tzu breeder. If you find a shih tzu puppy or a shih tzu breeder you like online it can be a rewarding and fun experience that you will remember for  many years..


However, you must do your research to find a breeder that has the same beliefs that you do. NOT all Shih Tzu breeders are equal. You will find  breeders that don’t take care of their animals like you think they should. You will see many different ways breeders care for thier animals and you need to find a breeder that you trust and share the same beliefs. You most likely see some scams also.


TOP  Things to know and do !

1. Call the breeder, more the once get to know them and their breeding practices. NEVER  just communicate thru email.

2. Get references for the breeder. Their number one references should be their  veterinarian office. Talk or email  past puppy buyers

3. Ask LOTS questions- How do they raise the puppies, what shots has the puppy received, what type of potty trained has been started, how often do they play, what type of food do they eat.

4. What type of health warranty dose the breeder offer? Is it in writing?

5.Are they the breeder, a broker or pet shop?

6. Do and they have the puppy in their possession?

7. Ask for LOTS of photos, skype, facetime so you know they have the puppy in their care.

8. NEVER pay cash , western union, wire transfer, Wal-Mart money gram, for a puppy over the internet always use a credit card or paypal payment, check

9. Run away when breeders say they are from Africa, Lagos, Nigeria, Cameroon or London. 99.9% of these are scams

10. Run away when breeders Speaks of missionary work or AIDS relief work to build trust. 99.9% of these are scams

11. Remember if it sound to good to be true it most likely is. Beware of scams like yorkie or a bulldog for $200 when they normally sell for $2,000 – $3,000. Use common sense, and be cautious as you would in any financial transaction. Many of these scammers are relentless, and will do anything to get your money.

12. Dose the state the breeder lives in require them to be licensed? If so are they?

There are the scammers that steal pictures from reputable breeders, dog websites  and use those pictures to run ads for puppies on online on advertising websites.


Always use due diligence when purchasing something online!! 

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