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~~NuVet Labs Reviews & Testimonials - Allergies~~


"Stopped chewing her feet "

As a professional groomer and life long dog owner I know as our dogs get older they start having problems.  My 14 year old chocolate lab (Ginger) has allergy problems to grass and trees as well as a food allergy to wheat.  We make our own can food and use only a high quality dry food that is processed in a plant that does not put wheat in any of its foods. 

 We started her on NuVet for her skin and coat and NuJoint for her joint health.  She has had two knee surgeries for torn ACL’s and it was getting very difficult for her to take a walk or get up from lying down.  We had previously had her on supplements which did not help much (and did not have any money back guarantee).  Her coat is now shiny and thick again and she has grown hair on her lower belly where she has never had hair before.  She has stopped chewing her feet and legs from the allergy problems.  She now can get up and down without difficulty and once again enjoys her walks with her two buddies (9 year old Plott hound (Gander) and 1.5 year old yellow lab (Gunnar)). 

 As an older dog Ginger’s eyes were getting cloudy and the vet thought she was starting to get cataracts – her eyes are now completely clear again.  Her claws are now hard and no longer splinter when they are clipped.  Ginger was also prone to ear infections both yeast and bacterial (from scratching so much) at least 6 times a year for her first 11 years.  She has not had an ear infection in over a year.  Even some of her “fat deposits” have been reduced in size and she has not gotten any new ones. 
 Gander and Gunnar (both large male dogs) had issues with flatulence.  They could clear a room faster than a skunk.  We would have to turn on the fan and open windows before we could be back in the room with them.  Gander as a member of the hound group also would start to smell “doggy” only a few days after he was bathed.  In less than a month the dog flatulence has gone away and has not come back for either of them and Gander now does not smell bad at all even with 6 weeks between baths.  Their coats are extremely shiny and thick and everyone wants to touch them!

 Joyce H


"Picture is worth a thousand words"

Misty, my 14 year old Chow has been with me since she was a little puppy.  Like most pet owners, she is extremely important to me and her health and well-being are foremost in my mind.

For the past 7 years, since I moved back to California with Misty, she has suffered with allergic dermatitis.  She started to lose a great deal of hair and was continually biting, scratching and obsessively licking her hot spots until they were bald and raw.  After many visits to the veterinarian, pet stores and a series of cortisone shots, nothing seemed to help her.  I was then forced to put her in an Elizabethan Collar.

I felt terrible that in her senior years she would have diminished quality of life. I was fortunate enough to come in contact with NuVet Plus.  Misty started on the supplement and within a few weeks I noticed a dramatic improvement in her coat and skin.  Her hair started to grow, and the bald, hot spot areas were beginning to heal and fill in, and she no longer had an unpleasant odor.  Within 11 weeks, her hair grew in thick and shiny, and now looks like it did before she developed the allergic dermatitis.  There is no more odor and her overall general quality of life has improved greatly since it was no longer necessary for her to wear that “lampshade”.

I am certain that Misty’s wonderful appearance and renewed vigor is the direct result of her taking NuVet, and we can’t thank you enough for your fantastic supplement.  It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words so I am enclosing before and after pictures.

Ken Sagedy




"Licking and scratching has almost quit"

We received our first bottle of NuVet early in Dec. 2009. By Christmas we were seeing much improvement in the energy level of our two miniature schnauzers. Our four year old has been scratching and licking herself due to allergies that we had tried unsuccessfully to treat. She licked herself so much that her beautiful black coat was turning brown in the areas she licked most.

The licking and scratching has almost quit and her coat is turning back to black thanks to NuVet. Believe me we will be buying NuVet for a long time.

 Kenneth and Helen Dutton




"Take a look now!"

Not only is NuVet "Your Pet's Best Friend", it can be yours. Cooper has suffered periodic allergies off and on for a year. It came to a head Christmas 2009.

 We came home from after being gone 5 hours to find Cooper had chewed his entire right side, down to bare skin...his skin was turning black, his nose turned pink, his ears were flaming red, his hair was sparse, and his eyes were red.  That has gone on for the past 4 months without any improvement.

...Take a look now! 

 His skin has returned to pink, his nose is black, his ears are nice and pink, his eyes are clear AND his hair is so thick I can barely brush him! And it's soooo soft. His energy level is the best it's ever been. In addition, his itching has been reduced dramatically.

Thank you! NuVet is Our Best Friend.

Toni Rather




"Better in only three weeks"

I own a Jack Russell Terrier named Skyler who is now 6 years old.  When Skyler was about 18 months old, I discovered she had allergies. Almost monthly for Prednisone and Cortisone injections, and giving her Benadryl in between visits....

The results came back that she has environmental allergies to the grass in the area (we live in Florida!), to molds, dust, and about everything else outside.  She also has food allergies, mainly to potatoes and barley (try finding food without either of those two ingredients!).  So my boss suggested we start her on allergy injections.  To anyone who has not gone through these, they are not fun.

A year and a half ago in April, I was tired of the injections.  I would get her backed down to every two weeks, and then she would break out again.  They just weren't working as they should.  I now own a grooming salon and was reading about NuVet in one of my grooming magazines.  I decided to try it.  Skyler was so much better in only three weeks, it was amazing!!

...I even have verification that it is indeed the NuVet supplements and that she didn't just grow out of her allergies.  My son, who is 18, takes care of giving Skyler her "treats" every morning.  Unbeknownst to me, he had stopped giving them to her a couple of months ago, because she was getting an upset stomach in the morning.  About a month went by without the NuVet and I noticed her abdomen was all broken out and red.  She had scratched herself raw in some areas.  I asked my son if he was still giving her the "treats" and that's when I found out he had stopped.  I told him to start her back on them, only give them at midday instead of in the morning.  I kid you not, within four days her stomach had cleared up and she was no longer red and broken out.

I whole-heartedly approve your supplement and tell all of my clients this story.  Thank you so much!!

Carla Gentry


"No longer red, raw and hairless!!"

I am sending the pictures of Tessa, my Pomeranian, before and after I put her on the NuVet Plus tablets to help with her chewing her feet.  She would chew on them until there was no hair and they were very red and raw.

 The before picture shows her coat to be very thin and ragged looking.  The after picture I took this afternoon, after she had been on NuVet for about 6 weeks!!!  Quite a difference, don't you think?  All that hair on her back is on her back, it is not her tail, she didn't even have her tail lifted over her back in the picture.

Also, after the first 2 weeks, she stopped the constant chewing on her feet and they are no longer red, raw and hairless!!  As you can see in the pictures, her feet only have a couple of spots where the hair has not grown back completely yet.

 I recommend NuVet  to everyone who buys one of my puppies, heck I tell everyone I talk to about this product!! Thanks for such a wonderful supplement for my babies!

 Sherby Green